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@NA R. if you're searching for private money, there is the Marketplace here you can post on to attract lenders.  That is if you aren't going after a bank loan.  You haven't tried smaller banks or credit unions?

find portfolio lender if you can't find any private lender. Go to FDIC website and call all the small banks in you areas and see who will lend to you.

Yes there are loans available. You don't have enough information here for me to explain the options. However, I believe your 2 biggest concerns as stated are down payment and length of time you have controlled the lease income.  Check SBA loans for the smallest down. Commercial lenders will require 25-40% down. Here are a couple solutions to deal with down payment:

1. Buy the property using a "Contract for Deed". (All readers: ALWAYS use a professional escrow company for payment servicing, when using "Contract for Deed, Land Contracts , whether for residential or commercial purchases. Anyone that tries to talk you out of it is not a professional and giving you very very bad advice). Accumulate the down payment during the contract term.

2. Have the seller "carry" any portion of the down payment you cannot come up with.

3. Collateralize and borrow the down payment by pledging other property as part of the deal.

4. Using the "Contract for Deed" wait 6 months or 1 year (depends on the specific loan to be used later, which you should identify before entering into the deal) to "season" your ownership. If there is equity in the property, you may now use it as down payment instead of coming up with cash.

Lease Income:

There may be loans available to you that allow use of lease income after only a 6 month stabilization period.

Much more info is needed to help you put this together. Private Message me or call me and I'll help you.

Do you own your own home ?

Could you get a line of credit to use as the down payment ?

""I would be OK with a private lender"" Do you mean hard money ?

Be careful...that's usually short term. Could leave you in a bind in 6 mts or so when the big ballon pauyment comes due.

Na i am a commercial broker and would be glad to talk with you about your non bank options on purchasing the warehouse.

Don Stone

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