Small Business or Personal loan short term?

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Hello everyone,

Does anyone know where I could find a good personal or business loan? I am looking for 175k total either one loan or it can be 3 separate loans split between 3 persons.  It's for a manufacturing business located in California. I need at least a 24 month term to pay back! I was hopping someone could lead me in the right direction!

 I appreciate any feed back!

Thanks again


Hi there Hank!  

I'm the Marketing Specialist for Commercial Capital Lending Firm and we offer several different products including Stated Income Loans, Fix and Flip Loans for example. 

I'm proud to offer lending to self employed investors who need non traditional funding for their business and investment opportunities. 

Feel free to connect with me here on BP so we can talk further about the possibilities. 


-Shaelyn C.