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Hey All,

I am dead set on making real estate investing my future.  My goal is to have my first property within 90 days.    However, I am really having trouble understanding the acquisition and complexities around financing my project(s).

Is it as hard as I am making it out to be in my head?  I have heard there are 1000 ways to go about this, but I am inexperienced and don't really know where to begin on looking for funding.  I have access to a rather large sum of money in my 401(k), I have a conventional mortgage available to me up to $150k (at least that is what my broker told me on a 5 minute phone call), and I have contacted a hard money lender for more info (still waiting to hear back).  Not sure how to even go about finding a private lender

Just hoping someone can help me set off in the right direction. Books, Articles, companies, a cold beer to relax...  Maybe someone has had this same concern/issue when they were starting out and can offer some advice?  

My plan is to flip houses and buy and hold rental property.  I'm ok doing both.

Thanks in advance for your time.

Louis Mannikko

@Louis Mannikko if your 401k is a solo 401k that you control.. you may want to look at investing NOtes or with a HML.. this is a very good use for those funds.

on the fix and flip you may want to consider partnering up.. just make sure whoever you partner with is vetted thourougly.. plenty of " my idea and your Money guys out there"

you can go on amazon or E bay.

Look for any of the guru's written material and videos you can get those for next to nothing. look through them there are usually nuggets in each one that you can use.

you can also spend untold hours on BP asking questions and reading and listening to pod casts etc.. of course this is free and just depends on if you have the time for that.

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