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Hi all,

I've recently purchased my first investment property in Philadelphia and am almost done with the rehab.  I am looking to do a refinance with no seasoning for at least the purchase price and rehab.  Does anyone know who I can reach out to for this?  Any help would be very much appreciated.


I've talked with a mortgage broker with a larger bank that has stated he will do either a 6-month seasoning or a mortgage for purchase price + documented renovation costs.

Happy to share his contact info if desired.

I haven't had the chance to work with him yet, but he comes highly recommended by a realtor friend/colleague.

PM me if I can help.

Hello Caesar,

Would need to understand your credit, experience, liquidity, and cash flow of the property. How long have you owned it, also?

Hi @Mike McCarthy I sent you a quick note.  Please let me know if it went through.  I would love to get more information on  who your contact is.

Hi Cesar,

I'm a Realtor and work with investors as a Professional Flipper for Hire. We find the best investments, oversee any remodel and repairs, and then market and sell for the property for the client. And I've got to say, I stand by the Mortgage Broker. I've used him for years and send everyone I know his way. He's great. Always seems to find a way to make it work. PM me if your still looking and we can exchange contacts.  Best of luck and congratulations on your first investment!


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