Gap Funding Advice Needed

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I am looking at getting into an industrial property ASAP. I’m looking at combining hard money and gap financing. The HML will do 70%, what does a gap lender typically cover? What terms do gap lenders like to see? I anticipate refinancing with our bank after 6 months.

First you need to make sure that the hard money lender will allow gap funding. There are a lot who don't. A traditional gap lender is not going to get the other 30% covered. They might cover 10% to help bridge some of that gap and take second position on a lien. 

The other option is to get more creative with funding options that exist. This 30% can potentially be raised through unsecured business lines of credit, business term loans, personal loans, etc...

Feel free to connect if you would like to explore options that might be available to you.

Thanks for responding!
I have had a bank and an HML review the appraisals and they are telling me the appraisals include some FF&E. So the loanable appraised value is about $500k less than what the report says.

I’m looking at an option to lease the property and run my company out of the location for a short time and then buy.

Still considering options.