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I learned about Fund and Grow from Clayton Morris, and signed up as soon as I could. Ryan Fuller at Fund and Grow was my chief negotiator. In a span of only 2 months, I went from $0 credit to a limit of $15300! Ryan was very informative and communicated with me through every step. There were some challenges because I had previously closed all my credit accounts, but Ryan was determined and unfazed. Now we are moving to phase 2 for me which is business credit. I am closer to my dream of owning rental real estate by next year. Financial freedom, here I come!! Thank you Ryan Fuller, thank you Fund and Grow...and thank you Clayton Morris!

My strong recommendation is to avoid Morris Invest at all costs. I've posted my story on a couple of these forums. Please feel free to direct message me for details. There are hundreds like me. In a nutshell, you buy a house for about $45 or $50K in a war zone. The house is worth maybe $10 or $15K, and the rehab get done. You call and email, they evade and deflect. Eventually they tell you the rehab never got done because...[fill in excuse here], blah blah blah, and you'll have to go out of pocket by $25 or $30K MORE if you want to make the house ready for renting. That's the Morris Invest definition of financial freedom. I thought I could trust him from his website, youtube videos, podcasts, prior career on TV, etc. An excellent salesman. I almost have to admire the skill of his scam.  

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