Creative Mortgage - Can Fiancee "pay rent"?

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Hello Bigger Pockets!

So, recently I was prequalified for (x) amount of dollars through a mortgage broker - it is solely based off of my debt-to-income, but I am using "gifted funds" from my fiancee for part of my downpayment/closing costs. Her DTI is fairly high, so having her co-sign on the loan did not help us gain more purchase power. She will be living in the house with me and helping to pay the mortgage every month. Is there a way to show that she is technically "paying rent" so I can qualify for a high mortgage amount?

Any insights, advice, and recommendations are welcome!

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If she is paying rent to you, then she is your tenant and you are her landlord. Your "rental income" will be taxed so you would be paying extra money for something you shouldn't be paying anything extra on in the first place. 

Secondly, lenders count rental income towards your DTI once you have shown 2 years or more of collecting rental income and being a landlord and will count 75% of the rental income I believe once you have a tenant and lease in place.