Secured loan for down payment? (Noob)

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I have 118 acres I bought last year as owner carry. I put 13k down and have been making $525 payments for a year now, would it be possible to get a credit line based on the amount I've put cash into? I'm looking at a potential rehab/house hack and am trying to find ways to get the down payment without simply saving for a long while. Any advice is appreciated!

Probably not. Whoever did so would want to be in first position on the property, but that's already being held by the owner who is unlikely to give up that position. I don't think it's enough equity for anyone to want to do anything with you at this point - it's only $18k in. 

A better scenario might be to find a bank that's willing to cash you out with the existing owner and roll what you want to do into another loan. But I think that's probably going to be rough as well unless you stole this property from the owner. 

@JD Martin Thank you for the advice, I'm looking into refinance options now, several rural land and agricultural companies I'm finding online. Just talked with one but my lands most likely value is under their minimum but they referred me to another company. It definitely makes sense to get them in 1st position. Progress!