Trying to Finance Small Property

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I am currently trying to finance a small property with a purchase price of 35K.  The house is rent ready and I know I can rent it for $900/month.

I currently have two separate properties in the market. 1st is a SFR that generates $650/mo in rent and has a value of 35k. The 2nd property consists of 2 houses and a shop that generates $1,145 per month and is worth about 40k. I own both properties free and clear.

I am having trouble finding financing for the property.  I would like to either finance the purchase or refinance the two properties that I own.  However, there isn't much equity even though I own them free and clear.  

Does anyone know of some options available for financing such a small purchase?

1. Owner financing

2. Partner with one or more people that can bring the cash, split the profit

3. Live frugally and save