Using leverage /collateral to grow

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So BP I have a question for you. I will not give all the details but my portfolio of investment SF properties is currently sitting at 3.3Mil with loans on those properties at 1.9Mil. By the end of 2019 I am expecting the numbers to be 5.1Mil / 3.2Mil.

i will continue secure more assets for 4 years then I will stop and pay down the loans, my end game is to secure a large 30-40Mil apartment unit complex.

Question: is there a way to use my existing Portfolio of SF assets as leverage/collateral to secure a large finance partner to maybe get me into that larger MF sooner?

Why don't you get a line of credit?  With your numbers you would get approved no problem.  You have plenty of assets to reduce risk.  Then you can use the funds as you see fit.  Buy more properties, rehab, and purchase larger properties to reach your end goal

A private money lender would be my advice, they will give you the access to funds that you need to grow your business.