Newbie questions on loan. Help pls.

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I’m planning to purchase 4bd rm townhouse, I will stay in the unit and rent out the 3 bd rm.

Which of the following loan should I take

30 Year Fixed

5.125% APR

5.125% at 0.000 point


$0 fees

30 Year Fixed

4.711% APR

4.625% at 1.000 point


$3,740 fees

30 Year Fixed

4.417% APR

4.250% at 2.000 point


$7,480 fees



Hello Jordan!  there is some more information we need to make a good decision, like the down payment that goes with each and the buy price on each.  The main thing I would tend to go with is which method supplies you with positive cash flow or at least a reasonable one. There are a few things that need to be known, like the demand in that area and if that method adree with your goals and if it is a Buy and Hold or a

Sorry about that. I meant to say Fix and Flip and it kind of differs with a long term or snort term investment? The bottom line is how much money puts in your pocket each month and how well you get along with the loan officer. Can you qualify for a "house hacking" loan if you want one. The good news is that it lets you add the repair bills which usually increases its value and you just have to live there for a year that allows you to keep that place and the loan even though you move out. It's FHA insured and decreases the down payment to 3 1/2 %. Each of your methods are meaningful to accomplishing your goals. How hard is it to rent out and keep long term? Does that location make it easier to reach your goals

@Michael Lewis Lee thank you for your input. I am looking to utilize first time home buyers program. The property price is at $468,000 (4bd rm, 2.5 bth rm). The total cash flow from rent is about $2,680. The loan expenses is est to be $2,514. When you mentioned maintenance, I didn’t factor that in. Which got me thinking I should do comparison study on cheaper property, with better cashflow.