Seller financed offer letter

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Hi folks! Does anyone have a seller financed offer template they would be willing to share?

Ideally I’d like it to have 3 different options with varied interest rates depending on how much cash I put down, and where it shows the seller the total of what they earn in each scenario (which would be more than a straight sale).

I know I could create it myself or buy it from a guru, but there’s so many smart folks on the BP forum I thought one of you might be willing to help me out on the first seller financed deal!

Thanks in advance for any advice / comments!

@Sammy Lyon -  I usually do the following

1.) All cash deal.  Quick closing.  Low offer

2.) Cash + small owner financing.  Quick closing.  Slightly higher offer, but stress the $ they'll make on interest

3.) Owner financing. Immediate closing.  Asking price with little to no interest