Questions for an Attorney/Lawyer?

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I'm looking to add an attorney to my team and I'm looking for some insight into what questions are important to ask when interviewing for the right person.

Aside from finding someone who actively (or even passively) invests on their own, I'm not entirely sure what I need to know from them.

I expect to have them review (and make recommendations for) my lease, represent my LLC in front of an upcoming meeting with the local community organization for a zoning variance, and draft partnership documents if necessary in the future.

Thanks for any and all advice.

Thanks for the quick response @Wayne Brooks .

The zoning issue is a slam dunk. Per my architect, I am legally required to be represented by an attorney at the meeting since the property is held by an LLC. If this were not necessary I would not include an attorney in the process.

@Lucas Pfaff

I'm also just starting to look for one. After reading through some of the threads here I decided to email a couple attorney's and described the types of services I was looking for them to provide and then followed that up with some initial questions I asked of them about their ability and experience in providing those services:

Could you tell me a little about how you or your firm deals with the types of services requested above?
How are your fees structured and what might typical costs be related to some of the tasks above?
Do you currently hold any real-estate investments? If so what types of properties are you invested in?
How many RE Investor clients do you currently work with?
Are you able to provide references for clients who have had similar needs to what I described?

For me, and for the types of general advice and representation I'm looking for, I figured this was a pretty good start for me to compare a few different potential attorneys.


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