Developer building fence next to our 4plex, too close?

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A developer is building a cinderblock wall next to our 4 plex. The property line on his blue print looks like it would give us decent space between the fence and our building. However if they build the wall closer than the blue print, it will be bad news for us.

We are looking for a way to find recourse in case by accident/intent they build the fence closer than they are telling us now. We asked for a "Certification of Property Line", which is supposed to protect us, and the developer agreed to give us. But we called the Orange County recorder, asking how to record it, and they said they don't know that form. Have any of you used a "Certification of Property Line"?

you will need a surveyor to do that. It can be difficult and expensive but it depends on the situation. To protect yourself you would want to hire your own.

If you think they are building the wall on your property you can hire a licenced surveyor to define the property line. The developer will have a surveyor too so you could have different opinions. If you want some recommendations on who you could talk to in the area PM me. I don't do this type of work anymore but still have plentyof c.

Building it on your property, there is a problem building on their property nothing you can do.

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