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Hello BP Community,

I am getting ready to list my property in Pearland, TX for rent.  I have read many forums recommending I work with a law professional to obtain a lease and ensure I am properly protected.

Does anyone have firsthand experience with a real estate lawyer in Houston?  If so, I would appreciate any recommendations.  I am not convinced that LegalZoom is my best option (but it sure is cheaper). 

This is my first rental, beautiful house built in 2008.  



Hi Sean... have you had any success finding a good real estate lawyer. If so do you mind sharing his contact info? Thanks.

I'm also looking for a lawyer in the Houston area. Preferably, someone that specializes in residential real estate. Any suggestions?

I am in the same boat. Looking for real estate attorney, that also specializes in residential real estate. I'd appreciate contact info as well.  Thank you.

Briseida M. Luna and the attorneys at LaRochelle Luna were very professional when I worked with them on an owner finance closing. Ms. Luna handled the closing, was very knowledgable, and explained the whole process in easy language. Her staff was very attentive during the closing. I highly recommend the LaRochelle Luna law firm. 

They have multiple office locations centrally located in the Galleria. Look them up! 

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