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Hello BP,

I apologize in advance if this is not the correct area for this post but I could not find another thread specific to CPA's.

I am looking for a recommendation for a good CPA in the South King County area of Washington. I live in Auburn, Washington which is about 30 miles south of Seattle. I would also be fine with someone in the North Pierce County area as well. 

Thank You 


Hey Brandon- Im also looking for a CPA; but more in the Seattle/ West Seattle.  I'll let you know if I end up connecting with any; i have a few requests out. 

Is there not much of a difference in state to state regulations?


There is quite a bit of difference between state to state regulations, but a good CPA has the resources to be able to pull the state specific regulatory requirements/reports and identify the compliance needs for clients.  It's the best to team up with someone you can trust.  Just talk to different investors in your area. 


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