Real Estate CPA recommendation?

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Does anyone have a CPA they would be willing to recommend that is experienced in areas of Real Estate tax law?  I am in the Northern MA/Southern NH area.


Hi, Gary,

I think having someone local is no longer important, since almost everything can be done by electronic and phone communication.  You didn't get much response here,  consider contacting John Hyre,

I have been using his Quickbooks overlay for years, and was using a local accountant. That accountant is no longer local, which doesn't matter, but I'm in the process of switching to John. He is both a CPA and tax attorney, and specializes in real estate investor clients. Although he still speaks on the REIA circuit, I don't hold that against him. :-)

If you want a direct referral, let me know, I'll connect you by email.  He may not return your email until after 10/15, however, he's working on his current clients.  

Thank you Ann. I appreciate the referral. 

Originally posted by @Kimberly H. :

@Gary Marcotte 

, how did it work out with John Hrye?

 Kim, I haven't reached out to him yet.

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