Looking for a CPA in Raleigh, NC

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Hi everyone! My wife and I started investing this year and are looking for a CPA in Raleigh who is experienced with investors and has creative strategies/ can maximize deductions (aka were fine with loopholes) :) recommendations?

My company (not real estate) has used Kevin Bassett at Bassett & Byers (on Lake Boone Trail) for probably 10 years now.  He has been a strategic partner for us helping us craft our tax strategies and legal entity strategies.

He's well versed in real estate, of course helping me with my couple of rentals and helping the company which owns two properties (held in an LLC) and is the landlord to the operating company (an S-Corp).

Although I wouldn't consider myself an advanced real estate investor, at Bassett's annual tax seminar last month, there were some faces that I recognize from the TREIA meetings. One of them mentioned owning a large apartment building in Durham and holding it within a self-directed IRA. I think that's a testament of the level of advisement that Bassett can provide.

I think he might be worth including when you interview CPAs.  

PM me if you'd like more info or an introduction.

Thanks, @Ricky A.  !  I bookmarked their website for future reference.

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