CPA worth his salt?

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Hi y'all.  I've got a question for you.  Our CPA (whom we chose because he is also an investor) neglected to inform us about changes in tax deductions that are the result of Obamacare.  So...instead of getting money back this year as we had planned, we now owe money.  Is it too much to expect that we should've been told about these changes?  Isn't that essentially his job?  

Yes and no.  If the IRS had quietly passed some laws or made changes, I might expect a CPA to let their clients know about it.  For something as widely publicized as the Affordable Care Act and it's wide and overarching implications over pretty much everybody in the country, I wouldn't think a CPA would reach out to every single client.  They might do a couple of social media posts about it, but I wouldn't expect a mass mailing that would basically parrot everything that's been in the news, on TV and the radio for the past 3 years.

I don't know if you're looking for someone else to use but I used @Jake Hottenrott for both my personal and business taxes this year. I had planned on owing and ended up getting a small amount back. Plus super nice guy. Works with investors. I have no affiliation. Just promoting a fellow BP member who has helped me personally. 

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