How accurate is the county's website for tax information on properties?

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I know this is probably a silly question but....

I touched base with a motivated seller about a week ago. She told me that she believes she owes about $2300 in taxes on the property. I did some research on her property and the county website (Here it is Marion County for Indianapolis) allows you to look up the property's taxes that are owed as long as you have the parcel number, last name of owner, and street name for the property.

The county website says she owes less than $500 in total taxes. When I did a walk through of the property today, we discussed her tax situation and she still insists that she owes $2300 in taxes.

I ask this because it would affect how much money the seller would actually receive in this transaction.

Would it just be best to do a title search on the property to see what liens come up?

Call up the county tax department. It may not be taxes she owes but instead utilities, sheriff fees, or something else. Talk with her again and ask who she has talked to about owed taxes. That should get you in contact with the right person.

I don't have a ton of experience looking at county tax collector's websites, but any time I have they list the EXACT amount of taxes that were paid or are due. Some include the discount amount for early payment as well. Additionally, any time I have called a county agency for information on a house (liens, bill amounts, stuff previous poster mentioned) under the setting of "I'm thinking of purchasing this property and wanted to know x, y, z", folks are always more than helpful. I second the advice to pick up the phone when they open Monday.

Like previously mentioned calling the county would be your best bet in finding out the exact amount of taxes owed. Also, if she insists that the taxes owed is $2,300, she should have the documentation outlining what is owed on the house and the deadline to pay. 

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