Tax reassessment home inspection. Let them in?

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So my father just got a letter the other day saying that the tax assessor is coming to town... They want to reasses and they will be doing inspections on all the properties. I know he doesn't have to let them in. My dads house looks quite nice. New countertops and appliances in the kitchen, hardwood floors and new tile and two finished rooms in the basement. What would be the best strategy? Let in the inspector and then fight the increase or not let them in and see what happens? What would you do? He's already paying $7,200 a year as were in Central NJ. The taxes here are ridiculous as is.

I never let them in. Just tell them its a bad time if they show up unannounced. If they try and make an appointment just say you will have to get back to them. Just keep putting them off. They have 10s of thousands of other people to call. They will move on @Jake Recz

Your father can always appeal his taxes through the tax assessor.  Every assessor is different in how helpful they will be on walking you through the process if you want to do it yourself.  I know several realtors that will give you comps to use in your appeal for free because they hope that you will use them for a purchase or sale in the future.    The other option would be to get a lawyer do the appeal for you. My lawyer almost always wins and I only pay him half of one year's worth of reduction in tax bill.  So if he his able to reduce my bill from $7200 to $6200 then I would owe him $500.

Most people don't appeal their taxes and if they knew the actual value they are being assessed at they would probably freak out.

I was shocked when I got a new county appraisal, It was double what I had just paid for the house. I called them and told them I would take their offer. They said that's not an offer . so I told them that heck knock off 5 grand and ill still take their offer. PAY ME!!!!

 I showed then the purchase price and they dropped the valuation. You can always appeal the valuation.

The gas company's came to town, Leased up the land for gas production, Our land valuations doubled and tripled ,  Now there gone, land prices have dropped again, but were stuck with the valuations.  

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Thank you all for the great replies! We are more set now on not letting them in. The one thing we are worried about is that they will "estimate" the value of the inside of the property and come up with some crazy assessment number. He paid $250k for the house 6 years ago yet his assessment is at $305k now... Looks like we will be hiring a lawyer to make sure it is lowered to a more sane level. I like how Frank Woodin works with his lawyer. Any idea where I can find a lawyer who would work on terms like this in NJ? 

I wouldn't let them in unless they came up with a number that didn't make since. And even STILL I'd doubt I do it UNLESS I thought it would benefit me. But with all of the new renovations you mentioned, I doubt that it would.

I once did an appeal and they sent me a letter claiming that I had to let them in before our day in court. I ignored them and won a significant reduction.