Real Estate Attorney Recommendations in Norfolk / Virginia Beach

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Last year I had a tenant break a lease and cause significant damage to a condo in Virginia Beach. We manage this property remotely with a property manager. Fast forward to today and I'm working with a real estate attorney recommended by my management company to recoup lost rent and damages. Since filing the claim the process has become drawn out, with several delayed court dates and poor communication from my lawyer to me, despite my best efforts. 

I'm no longer confident my claim is in good hands and am in search of new representation. Would love to hear about lawyers in the area that BP members have had good luck with.


I have used LT Caplan with good results.  But in general good luck trying to get the damages back.  Even with a judgement.

Thanks all for the replies! After looking at the company websites I'm going to contact Dave Johnson, mainly because of his past active duty experience and positive reviews. I'll be sure to use your name, Norma.

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