CPA in Virgina

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Can anyone recommend a CPA in Virginia that specializes in Real Estate Crowdfunding?


Hi @Eveian Salmon  

Not sure if he deals with crowd funding but @Brandon Hall is fellow BP member and a CPA who works in DC.  

Good Luck 

Edited: not sure why the @Brandon Hall feature is not working but you can search him by name

Hi Cheryl I'm in the Northern VA area as well. I'm searching for a 4/2.5 ba SFH with owner financing and not a Rent2Own situations. If you have anything please keep me in mind and please spread the word?. My husband is also a DC Contractor if you know anyone in need.


Char Prado

Hi Eveian,

It might help if you tell us exactly what you are looking for out of a CPA. Are you looking to finance a deal through crowdfunding? If that is the case, then I would recommend speaking with a lawyer. A lawyer who specializes in securities law would be the best to talk to about that. If you are wondering how to handle your personal taxes when it comes to some crowdfunded deals that you have invested in, I would be happy to help out. Send me a PM. 

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