Self directed IRA LLC refinance loan

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I purchased a rental property with my self-directed IRA (all cash) in 2013 using an LLC set up for me by an attorney. I recently discovered I can borrow against the property to get cash for down payments on more rental properties. I use Wells Fargo for all my accounts, including the IRA LLC. Today WFB told me they won't let the LLC borrow against a rental property unless its commercial, which mine is not. They will only lend to me personally but not to the LLC which I'm pretty sure will be a problem due to the IRA rules. Is this a typical rule for all banks or just WFB? If it is a standard rule, how does one get lending for an LLC attached to an IRA. Any info would be much appreciated.



Hi Gina,

investment property can be financed inside of an IRA, however since you are considered to be a disqualified person are not allowed to provide personal guarantee for the loan - therefore the loan must be non-recourse. Wells Fargo as well as most other banks and conventional lenders do not offer such loan. There is only handful of banks/lenders doing loans like that. Over the years we have build a relationship with several lenders who offer non-recourse financing to IRAs and 401(K)s, just sent me a PM and I will get you the list of those lenders.

I hv a list from my sdira custodian as well.  I won't pm it but I'll attach it to this post so all can benefit....   after I get out if bed since it's 6am here in hampton roads and 70 degrees on Christmas eve so hot I can't sleep.. ..  sheeze.