Do I need two entities?

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I don't want to just invest in real estate, I want to invest into everything. Stocks, start ups, money, every type of real estate I can. Should I creat two different companies, one that deals with the real estate and one that does everything else or does it matter?

@Chris Marshall

Probably a good idea. And don't commingle the funds! 

Once you get your RE business going, you may need to set up different LLC as well.

As always, consult your attorney for legal advice as I am not 1 ! 

@Chris Marshall I would say that it depends on what kind of investing you're doing. If you are doing stocks, lending to business, private money lending to RE, etc. then it is all passive income and can be lumped into a single LLC. I like the concept of segmenting out the buy and hold portfolio into another LLC even though it is still passive income because it is probably the least passive income you'll ever earn. If you are doing "every type of real estate" that you can, I would make sure that your buy and hold properties are in a different entity than your "active" properties (i.e. flips). That helps you categorize your income and makes it easier when you open your solo401k ;)

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