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Hello everyone, 

I am trying to figure out how the property taxes are calculated. As the mortgage company is currently taking care of that, i did not have to worry, but I would like to understand how they are computed. For example I own a rental property in Memphis, TN  in Shelby County. When I go on the official website of the county, I see two type of taxes: county tax and city tax with different amounts. What is the difference?

The millage rate is 3.4 for my rental unit. Is this considered above average or below? How do you quantify it? I known that the total appraised value is 114'900 USD and the taxable amount is 25% = 28'725 USD. So with a mill rate of 3.4 the amount of property tax due is 976.65 (which I see on the website of City of Memphis) but why the Shelby county tax is $1,255.28 USD?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


@George T. notice how the rate for County and City change as your change the drop down menu. Depending on what city you are in will change the rate.  The county rate has always been the highest and for the respective cities, Memphis is the highest.  The suburbs (all located in Shelby County) all have cheaper property taxes simply because they do not need as much tax revenue to operate the city.  Every 3 years, they will re-appraise your home and that value will be based on recent appraisals.  The last re-appraisal for most of my properties remained the same, the period before that, they all went down. I imagine slight increases this time around.  I have always found it odd that the county taxes are so much higher then city.  I use zero county services as a Memphis resident, yet I pay a big amount of taxes to the county government. 

@Douglas Skipworth Now is clear that the total amount is both county and city. thank you for the link. Indeed the estimates are very close to the real numbers

@Alex Craig Seems like the estimates are very close to the real numbers. Indeed the country taxes are extremely high, but as I have never lived in the area, I cannot say if they are worth it or not. It is a lot more clear now. thank you

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