CPA Accountant In Atlanta GA

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Hi @Jon Hundley . Are you looking for help with both daily bookkeeping and end-of-year tax filings? While these functions are related, they usually involve two distinct types of professionals.

We've had a tax filing CPA for decades, but we only recently got help from a company that helps us manage (and make sense out of) our daily transactions. I now highly recommend them to my real estate clients and colleagues.

If you are interested, connect with me directly here and let's talk.

@Mike Ojo .  I think it’s important that when you start talking to Accountants that they should  start the conversion with a lot of questions. This means they are trying to get a handle on your business and want to make sure they understand you and your business. They may suggest a different business structure, but beware of anyone that starts to tell you what you need to do before even discussing if you’re buy & hold or flipping or both, etc. Especially if they are trying to sell you an expensive new business structure. 

Hi @Connie Presley . I didn't notice your post until just today!

Yes, I work with an excellent CPA in Kennesaw with an extensive clientele of experienced real estate investors.

Connect with me here on BP if you'd like a warm introduction.

For the record, I am an existing client, but I receive NO compensation for making this referral.

Hey @Jeremy Luster , now that we've expanded beyond Georgia into other states, we've begun working with an Enrolled Agent (EA).

EAs are IRS-certified tax experts, and our works specifically with real estate investors from anywhere in the U.S. and abroad who need help with federal taxes.

I don't get DMs here, so call or email me if you'd like a referral.