Solo 401K - Ordinary Income in ROTH account

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Hello BP, 

I'm rolling my old employee 401k into a Solo 401k with the help of @Dmitriy Fomichenko  Sense Financial Services. I'm keeping all the different balances in separate bank accounts. I don't have a CPA so wanted to see if the community can help. 

My question is for reporting and filling purposes do I need to distinguish and keep separate, taxable money in my ROTH account and non-Roth taxable monies?

How or why I have taxable dollars in my ROTH account  I don't know.

For example:

I have 3 accounts 

Roth - $8

Roth Pre-Tax - $2

Non-Roth Pre-Tax - $90

I want to move the $2 and the $90 into the same account, so I'll have 2 accounts.

Roth- $8

Non-Roth - $92

I've attached a sterilized copy of the Distribution Statement from Fidelity.


Hello Jonathan, 

we address all of your questions on our Client Portal. I will send you private email with the link. In the future you can send me direct email if you need any guidance or help with your Solo 401k plan.

@Jonathan Carter

Yes the solo 401k rules require separate tracking of all three solo 401k fund sources:

Source 1: Pretax

Source 2: Roth

Source 3: After-tax

The reason for the separate tracking requirement is that each type is subject to different distribution rules.