Hello! Need a good tax professional in Houston

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Hello everyone, My wife and I are looking for a good tax professional in Houston. My wife is a new real estate agent and she uses an office in our house for most of her work. I just have one W2. Nothing to complicated but we want a professional vs turbo tax etc. I look forward to hearing from everyone Thank you all in advance

My tax guy is spectacular.

I office from home and he is great at ensuring all of my home office deductions are accounted for.

He also works a lot with real estate investors and understands the tax rules for real estate well.

Blake Davidson at Kenneth capital.

I recommend you reach out soon. March and April are extremely tight for him.

BP will not allow me to post his email. Otherwise I would.

Ted, talk to @Michael Plaks , he is active member here on BP and also known tax expert in local community in Houston. 

@Ted Davis

Your wife may be entitled to the home office deduction if she uses the area regularly and exclusively for her business.

Items that go into the deduction are rent(depreciation, mortgage interest, home insurance, real estate taxes if you own), utilities, etc to calculate the home office deduction.

It can be a big deduction so many sure your accountant factors that in.

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