Self Directed IRA: Feedback on IRA Services Trust Co.

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Hi everyone! I am newbie here at BP and thank all of you for your advice and wisdom! I work in the investment management industry, so basically my entire wealth (W-2, 401K, IRAs, 529s, HSA) is tied to the performance of the stock market. I have made the commitment to liquidate one of my IRAs and move it to a note fund as a first step in my real estate journey. As this note fund would be a single asset that would be held for 3 years, I am looking for a "buy and hold" SDIRA where I can keep fees low. In reviewing the fee schedules of about 5-6 providers, IRA Services Trust Company came out the winner in my spreadsheet. I will call them tomorrow to do my due diligence, but in the interim, investor feedback on the company would be greatly appreciated!

Brent, welcome to BiggerPockets and congratulation on the start of your 'alternative investments' journey! 

If you are looking to simply make a single investment into a note funds they will be good fit. We have been using them as a custodian for our Checkbook IRA clients for the last eight years and had no reason to look for another trust company.

@Brent Bell

Welcome to Bigger Pockets. May of my clients use them for both solo 401k plans an IRAs. They have been in business since 1978 and have never had any regulatory issues like some of the other big ones. 

I've used them for the past couple years to invest my Roth in various real estate syndications. They've been fine.

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