Property Taxes Uncapped! Any recommendations for how to appeal?

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I recently bought a house for $800k and that uncapped the yearly property tax increases and now the projected property tax assessment for 2019 is around $805k!!!  Which is around $200k higher than what the house was assessed at for the previous owner in 2018. 

I want to appeal this new assessment but the problem is I can't think of any good points to make in my appeal as to why the assessment should be lowered.  The appraisal when I bought the property a few months ago came in at $800k, Zillow isn't helping as it says the property is worth $950k, RedFin says it's worth about $850k. I could claim I overpaid at $800k and I shouldn't be punished tax-wise for overpaying but I have no numbers to back up a claim that the house should be assessed lower than $800k.  Does anyone have any recommendations as to what to say in my appeal letter in order to justify a lowering of the assessed value of the house?

It sounds like this is a good case to hand over to a local attorney who specializes in those types of protests.  I'm pretty sure every major city and MSA has at least one attorney who does that kind of work exclusively.

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