I am looking for an attorney with experience in REI in Texas.

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Hi, I am a non US resident and I want to begin to invest in real estate in Texas. I have found a couple of attorneys who are willing to work with me, but I do not know what to expect regarding of fees and how much this kind of planning or consulting is worth. I know for sure that I need an attorney since I have been listening to the podcast, but what should I want from this attorney. If you have some references, it would be gladly appreciate. Thanks!

It really depends what you are trying to accomplish. If your looking for wraps go to your local REI meeting and ask who is doing them and who they use. Your local title companies have lawyers that they work with call and talk with the branch manager/ escrow offer in charge. There is a tons of options. If you get a property under contract finding someone to close it should be simple in most areas. Now in some of the smaller areas any deal that includes creative financing might be more challenging to find some to handle the paperwork. Really you might be getting the cart before the house. I know because I have done the same on many situations. :)