advice needed - Title issue

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I promised to update this thread when something was resolved so here it is. After months of both myself and my buyer trying to contact my buyers attorney we have given up and decided to split the back taxes between us. So we each paid $750 and today I made good on these back taxes. 

The closing lawyer for my buyer never got back to either of us after about 30 - 40 emails and phone calls. I did however contact the Vermont Legal aid offices on two occasions and both lawyers said that we should just split it as it was not worth the cost to litigate this and the issue falls into a " grey " area of the Vermont system. So they said that either of us had a 50/50 chance of winning but the cost was unjustified. 

We live in very small towns ( about 4,000 people) and I think it is ridiculous how this lawyer behaved. My buyer runs a business and has used this lawyer for other matters but he won't use him anymore. I dabble in real estate and would never advise ANYONE to use him and would certainly tell people who asked about the situation we were put in. I certainly would never do a closing with him involved in any way. 

By not being a good human being and treating others how they would like to be treated he ends up losing business in the long wrong. That's not very smart ! Some may be doubtful but word really does get around quick in these small areas. I have no intention to purposely bad mouth him but if it comes up I certainly will explain what happened. He didn't even get back to his own client and left him cold. How rude.  There are lots of great lawyers out there but he certainly isn't one of them and feeds the stereotype people have of lawyers in general.

It's a big relief that it is resolved and I feel much better about it and my buyer is also glad this is  behind us. Thanks to all for the comments and feedback on this issue. I think the forums are a great place but I must stress that we still all need to dig deep as there are many twists,  turns and loopholes in real estate and just because it is done one way in one state does not mean that it will work that way in another state. I think that is one of many take-a-ways here that shouldn't be overlooked. This is a sharp bunch of people here full of great feedback so I don't want to diminish that either. Thanks again ! 


@Bruce M. Just be careful what you say about the lawyer to others, as you don't want to be accused of defamation. Always says, IN MY OPINION. You can't get sued for having an opinion, but you can accidentally defame someone or at a minimum, get accused of defamation.

I realize you live in a small town, but in many ways, it's best to just let it go and move on, which is what it looks like you've done.

Congrats on getting it resolved.

Recap, this was not a title issue, it was a contractual issue.  I am positive your state realtor contract called for prorating do property taxes.  Yeah, seems like you had an incompetent closing attorney though.