Series LLC in Florida or Ohio

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I'm curious if anyone has started a series LLC in Florida or Ohio? I live in FL but own property in OH, so where do I start it? Also a business question about LLCs in general, can I buy assets through the LLC? and does the purchase show up as an expense that I can take off of my income for the year? I hope this makes sense.

Purchases are not expensed. Once you have your cost basis they are depreciated. 27.5 years for residential. 39.5 years for commercial. 

Hey @Bruce Weyer ,

I always prefer setting up the Series LLC in TX because the fees are so much better (or lack of fees really, in this case.) Here is an article that breaks down some of the strongest states to form a Series LLC.

Yes, you can buy assets through the LLC. Certain parts of the purchase can be a deductible expense. Here is a good general list form the IRS: This is also a good question for your CPA, as it there are many factors that can play into deductible expenses.