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Hello all and Happy New Year!! I wanted to get some feed back from some of you on here. I live in Salt Lake City, Utah. I currently only have one investment property, but own 2 businesses. I am in search of a new CPA. The one I have has been great, but I need to start building a relationship with someone a little more aggressive. I want to dig deeper into investment properties and plan on picking up a couple buy and holds as well as some flips this year. Looking for some input or recommendations. Thank you!!

@Mike Lane

General advice is to read the forum, see who you get value from, and reach out.  There are at least a dozen CPAs actively posting on this forum.

"but I need to start building a relationship with someone a little more aggressive"

In my experience, every prospect who uses the word "aggressive" has different thoughts/ideas behind the word.  Care to expand on that?  And they always say a little more aggressive... ; )

@Mike Lane I recently sat through a presentation from Lynn Merritt with Incite Tax.  I can strongly recommend him.  He's not cheap, but you'll save that money and more from taking his advice.  A friend of mine with a small business did a phone consultation with him, so you can start there and see if it's a good fit.  I'd recommend googling him for contact info, as I don't have it with me right now.  Drop me a message if you can't get in touch with him and I'll do some digging to find his info. 

Hi Mike,

I know two accountants that could help you with tax strategies for your real estate investing. They invest in real estate themselves so they understand where you are coming from, and their services are specialized specifically for real estate investors. I would be happy to pass on your information. Please respond to my message. Thanks!