Wholesaler/ Real Estate Attorney Help!

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Hello everyone! The question i have for you guys is that i have some money now and i want to take my business to the next level which is getting some solid contracts for wholesaling and starting an LLC. I contacted a few RE attorneys in my area and before i choose which one i wanna use and make an appointment, what should i bring to the table when we start discussing my needs so i can get my moneys worth.

So far what i was thinking was a couple of example P&S agreement and Assignment contracts so they can get the main idea of what I'm doing and what my goals are? I don't know, what do you guys think? Im just trying to make things easier on them and me haha

Hi Paul,

I'm a beginner wholesaler too, and I'm just getting contracts cleared to use with my local title company.

Bringing the assignment contract is a must, mainly because you want the more niche aspect of wholesaling to be cleared up. If wholesaling is your only exit strategy right now, then the P&S and assignment contracts should be all you need cleared, in my opinion. Make sure to have the specific contract that you will use, not just examples of contracts.

Looking forward to seeing how this thread develops!