I need help to fill out this contract

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It says this:

THIS RESIDENTIAL LEASE AND OPTION TO PURCHASE AGREEMENT (hereinafter the "Lease option") made and entered into on ______by and between________(hereinafter referred to as "buyer"), and__________and/or his Arizona limited liability company with a principal address at ___________________(hereinafter referred to as "seller') landlord leases to tenant that certain dwelling house located at ______________(herein after the property,) togheter with with all appurtenances for a period of ________months to commence on _____and to end on_____at 12:00 midnight.

Can you fill that out? I dont what to put in the ( ________) and I dont understand some things like "appurtenances"

1. Date contact is being filled out

2. Buyer's name

3. Seller's name

4. Seller's address

5. Address of property being lease optioned

6. Number of months

7. A date agreed upon between buyer and seller

8. A date when taking the date in blank #7 and adding the number of months from blank #6.

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What is an appurtenance in real estate?

Appurtenance is a legal term denoting the attachment of a right or property to a more worthy principal. Appurtenance occurs when the attachment becomes part of the property such as a furnace or air conditioning unit.

According to Google! ;)

Good luck Fili!