Landscaping vs Fruit Trees

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We're raw vegans moving from one single family detach in residential zone of LA county to another of the same, non HOA.

Broker asked for some of the orn plants & fruit trees we had already dug up and been moving during awaiting closing date on sold one.

We gave her some of the ornamental ones and whatever we had excess but she kept asking for more!

She said the city will increase tax on the trees we put into our yard, so it is better to keep them in big pots. Not an option for us, as that stunts them. Like most ppl, she never even heard of PERMACULTURE.

So I wonder now how will the city know, what, public works that drives around will notice and let the tax board know there was improvements via landscaping and fruits trees? (We arent even gonna plant much in front yard nor anything in parkway/sidewalk). Gosh if so, they have time on their hands. We're not interested in the 4-5 year tax exemption on the improvement value for orchards, as time flies, nor the lawn-removal programs since they tend to be too restrictive like an HOA.

And if so, how will they calculate the improved (tax) value, does that in turn mean fruit trees improve market value? Cause the going trend nowadays is the masses value concrete surfaces to recreate or park on, rather than to supplement their diet, oxygen, etc off or cool the microenvironment down. 

Thanks in advance!

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