When should I go with a notary?

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When should I go with a notary? At the moment I and the seller sign the contract OR before signing the contract?

Your purchase contract doesn’t have to be notarized. I’ve never had one notarized as the buyer or seller. 

Yes. Then you would typically take the contract to the title company (or whoever will be handling your escrow). 

It looks like you’re in Arizona so perhaps this link will help explain the process: Arizona Escrow Process Explained

@Kyle J. Ooh, I just read it.. I forgot I need a title company. Do I need to get a title company first or after I get the deal and and be ready to pay the seller?

@Kyle J. Oh Kyle, also, it is a Lease option which means I will be renting for 7yr or less and i will have an option to purchase the property. I will make a downpayment up front and I will make monthly payments(rent). Do I need a title company?

If it’s a lease option, then no, you don’t need a title company initially. You’d only need a title company if you end up deciding to exercise the option to purchase the property.