Code violations for single family homes

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Hey everyone! had a question about code violations I went to my country clerk ask for them and she said they don't have raw data of that or a list for me to look through,  and if I requested an OPERA it would get denied because it was too broad of a search. My question is should I go there request only properties with "being unsafe, open to the public, leaky roof?

@Jeremy A Mcpherson

I've inquired about this within my area, as well.  I've gotten mixed answers.  My wife would be able to speak about the availability of a database better than I.  She seems to have a knack for tracking down information in nooks and crannies on the web.

That said, at least here there's a condemnation process and one of the early steps in a property is declared a public nuisance.

I would assume (but am not 100% sure) that by the nature of the title, and it having to go through the court system, as I understand it, that in most places this information would be searchable.

I also commend you for that being part of your mindset and prospecting strategy.  The folks ready to take on the most challenging projects are the ones best able to grow and deliver value to the economy/market/community.

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