Looking for a CPA with experience in RE in the Eastern panhandle

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We have a mixture of residential and commercial investments in the Eastern panhandle of West Virginia, and are looking for a good CPA/tax specialist/possible bookkeeper moving forward to make sure that we are fully compliant while taking full advantage of all of the deductions, reductions, and write-offs available. We would entertain specialists from MD and VA also due to proximity, so long as they understood WV and VA tax law due to other employment considerations.

Any and all suggestions provided based on your own experience are much appreciated!

@Nathan Hall - Congrats on building a portfolio of investments!  I don't have a local recommendation for you, but I would recommend looking around BP for a tax pro/bookkeeper.  There are many great tax pros out there who work virtually with clients from coast to coast.  Most can do their work through email, document sharing, client calls and skype/video if you want face to face communications.  

The best way would be to schedule consultations and get a feel for if their communication style works with yours.  

Best of luck!  

Work with two different people one for bookkeeping and controller services and someone else for tax advice, strategy and filing.