BP friends, I hope this makes sense in the description of the situation but in need of some guidance of whether I can help with this situation or not.

The situation is, an acquaintance has a SFH with a mother in law quarter in back that is rented. The property is in step-dads name only. Step-dad has passed away. The acquaintances mom has been married to step-dad for over thirty years. Step-dad has a son from a previous marriage who has now become the heir to the estate as step-dad did not have a will. The acquaintance helped mom and step-dad get a re-finance loan and has been making payments on the loan and taking the rent payments from the tenants. Mom is elderly as well and is currently not living in the main house. The heir is trying to evict the current renters and are trying to market on Zillow the property is for rent.

Is there any way to help the acquaintance out with getting the property into his name now that step-dad has passed away?