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We just found a tenant who died of natural causes in one of my commercial apartment MF buildings in Tucson, AZ. Anyone familiar with my legal obligations as landlord to the deceased or have links to the laws and codes, most of my Google searches are coming up with just some simple advice. 1) Follow local and state laws 2) Secure the Unit 3) wait for an executor of Estate to be identified 4) wait for them to claim possessions 5) begin clean up process Tenant died of natural causes. He was placed by an agency. Anyone have any advice on anything else? Not too many landlords that I personally know have went through this. Also do I need a Haz Mat team to clean up? Can I just remove the fluids - deep clean with Clorox and then repaint the unit? Odor and aIrborne pathogens are my concern. TIA for any input.

If this was recently Tucson in the summer can get toasty; there are companies that specialize in this type of cleanup that you may want to contact if the person was not discovered for a while, a lot of the time they will be branded more as crime scene cleaners but do all sorts of specialized cleaning.

Interested to see what is said here....My thought is there might be a state law website that will have something posted related to tenant/landlord rights in these cases, but I definitely don't have an answer for you. 

Somewhat related, I have a former co-worker who passed away recently, and he was a bit of a hoarder. Apparently he had wads of cash rolls banded up and placed all around his apartment. I'm concerned that his prop. mgr. or maintenance crew might take advantage and steal from his estate before his family can arrive and start making claims. Anyone offer any thoughts? I am also interested to see what resources you guys can direct O.P to.

Good question Account Closed .... Sorry I'm piggy backing on your topic!


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