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I am looking for either legal advice or a referral to a lawyer that deals with contracts in Florida.

We had a house remodeled and the contractor said that it would cost a certain amount of money ($75K) to renovate and furnish the place. This was a verbal agreement. He then emailed me with the amount we agreed upon and said it was for the "completion of all works in the home." He itemized a few things. He is a contractor that has worked with other homeowners and has quoted people a lump sum at the front end and never billed them more after the completion of the home. We don't have a contract, other than the verbal conversation and email he sent with the cost for the work. Nor did these other homeowners. 

Fast forward a few months later, he then said that he had gone through the budget, spending $74K (2 weeks shy of completing the job) and then a week later stated that I owed him an extra $20K for furnishing the property.

I know that he is upset because I criticized his work as he didn't allow any of my input on this home that we are planning to use as a short term rental. And so I was unhappy with a lot of his renovations. When I mentioned all the changes I want done, then he goes and says I owe him another $20K.

Now he's willing to bargain and accept $12K to finish up the work that was supposed to be included in the $75K in the first place.

Mind you, I have spoken to other homeowners who have worked with him and seen his work. Mine is not as nice as theirs and theirs cost $75K.

They also had issues with him not giving them any input on the renovations.

Any advice?

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Just in addition, he is supposed to be the property manager for our home. I have been in contact with other homeowner's who have now left his business because of the poor job he's done managing properties. He has charged them for work he never did in their homes. So if we do go to court, I have witnesses that I can call on to his true character.