LLC or Owner or manager listed on 5 day notice?

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I'll be serving a 5 day notice to vacate in Virginia. I'm out of state, the property is owned by an LLC and managed by a local manager. Under the "From:" at top of the notice, do I list the LLC, myself the ultimate owner, or the manager, or all 3? At the bottom of the notice it is to be signed by the landlord's authorized representative who I guess will be the local manager who will show up in court? Thanks for any advice.

Doesn't your property manager know? 

PM's should be doing more than collecting rent and fixing toilets, and this seems like a very basic question. My managers all have attorneys on retainer to answer basic questions as this for which there has never even been a charge (at least one that was passed through to me as owner), and that cover over 20 years of land lording across multiple states with multiple PMs.

Thanks Chris, yes I agree.  I've got a PM company for one property and they handle everything.  However, for the others I've got a local relative who is great for repairs and keeping down costs but I'll have to research this first eviction on my own.  I could easily hire a lawyer with the accumulated savings from not using a PM, but was hoping it isn't that complicated and once we learn the system on this first eviction it won't be as much trouble in the future.