Selling Tax Certificates

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I purchased a few tax certificates at the Jefferson County auction back in July. I have noticed some people on Facebook and Craigslist selling Tax Properties. Is there a market for “selling” or assigning tax certificates? I have limited capital but could/would make improvements and move toward receiving cash flow from the properties.

However, if there is a value to assigning them, I’d also entertain that. Does that market exist? How are they valued?

Residential properties are in Norwood (house) and Eastlake (vacant residential lot) and I have a commercial property on HWY 78 in Dora.

@William Owens  At least for Iowa to assign the tax cert, the assignee signs the back of the tax cert, and then a fee of $100 is paid to the County Treasurer that issued the tax cert, as an assignment transaction fee. And then you submit both the signed tax cert and the fee to the County Treasurer for posting to the county system.

And I'm not aware of any robust secondary market, auction marketplace, or trading platform for tax deeds/tax liens/tax certs. But one could be out there, I just haven't heard about it. And the trading/activity that I've seen in Iowa for tax certs is basically person to person, from people that are active in the space, kind of like trading baseball cards as a kid. And values are determined on the paper, when buyer and seller talk about it, since there are too many unknown variables for hard and fast rules.