Legal advice evicting a tenant

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I have a tenant who received her 3 day notice to vacate for non payment and decided to willingly move out. I have her security deposit. She “claims” she will be out by Oct 14th.

If she does willingly leave w/o a formal eviction, can I keep some of her deposit for prorated rent from Oct1-Oct14th?

Hi @Breelon Bryant and welcome to BP. I see you just signed up and have made a few posts that aren’t getting many/any responses.

Usually, your posts will get a better response if you mention where you’re from since that can affect how people answer your question. Especially since laws vary so much state-to-state and you’re asking questions (even more so in your other posts) where the answers tend to be heavily dependent on local/state laws.

However, with that being said, to answer the question in this general if a tenant moves out owing past due rent then their security deposit can be used towards paying that unpaid rent.