Looking for CPA and 1031 Info

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Hi, I am a current rental property investor and looking for a new CPA. I also have one rental property that I will be selling in the next month or two and looking into doing my first 1031 exchange. Does anyone have a good recommendation for a CPA that is currently taking on new clients? Thank you. 

Thanks for the shout out  @Peter M. .  BP is a great community @Andrew Weiner .  There are several great CPAs and 1031 QIs who regularly post right here on BP.  What makes this community so special is that you can actually dialogue with folks who have used them as clients by going to the reference section of each CPA or QI's profile.

@Jonathan Pavkov think I got you covered in the DM.  We (as almost every QI) do work in all 50 states and the US territories that can offer 1031 - Most notably Guam and the USVI.