Financing to flip houses

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I am a residential contractor ready to flip my first house

Looking for private lender to get financed to make the deal

3 potential properties around $15,000.00 asking price and around $25,000.00 for rehab work

Someone out there that can provide the financing or some orientation?

Thanks in advance

Victor Aponte

ARV values around $78,000 as I mentioned I have 3 potential properties.

I can put money if I really need to but trying to find financing to don't hurt my cash flow. If putting money is a require for hard money lending I would be willing to do it

I haven't try hard money just yet. 

Any information highly appreciated!

Thanks Ken,

I am located in GA...there is any kind of limitation?

When can i give you a call? I am not really familiar with process of hard money lending

Any info highly appreciated!

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