If you are looking to buy a property in Indianapolis, you need a third party to give you ideas of values.. Even if you work with us for all your needs, I still recommend you double check our numbers.. So I offer a service where we will give you comps for a property you may be looking at for $5... Side Note: If you are doing the deals through us, we don't charge for these.

You give us: $5 and an address... 

We give you Active, pending and solds within the past year. We also give you list of rentals over the past 2 years... All within a quarter mile radius or the neighborhood the home is in. 

You get spreadsheet view, map view, and the ability to see the listings and all of their pictures..

You get to make your own assessments of what the property is worth. You get to dial in and look at real properties and pictures etc. All taken from the local MLS...

You get no judgement or commitment to us! We believe it's your money, you should spend it how you like! While we would love to have any part of your business, whether it be purchase, any level of rehab, property management, and sales, we understand if you already have people you are comfortable with, and just need that extra reassurance!

Examples of what you get.

Map View:

Spreadsheet view:

Individual Listings:

All the pictures:

Let me know if we can be of assistance! Thanks!